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Harmonic Mastery:
Voice lead the Drop-2

Take a step into guitar mastery. Welcome to the Drop-2 Voice Leading Workshop — where we redefine the art of guitar playing for the intermediate and advanced enthusiasts seeking unparalleled "pianistic" depth.



  • The Grand Unveiling of Drop-2 Disposition: Immerse yourself in the revelation of the Drop-2 disposition, unlocking a realm of harmonic possibilities on the guitar.

  • Meticulous Principles of Voice Leading: Embark on a journey through the intricacies of voice leading, unraveling the secrets to seamless chord progressions that resonate with finesse.

  • Decoding Brilliance: 10 Exercises for Mastery: Delve into a carefully curated collection of 10 exercises meticulously designed to sculpt your ability to voice lead any chord with the majestic drop 2 disposition.

  • Real-world Resonance: Practical Applications: Immerse yourself in the real-world applications of these techniques, unveiling the magic they bring to your musical expressions.

  • Q&A Brilliance: Unleash your inquiries during the dedicated Q&A session, where the mysteries of harmonious mastery will be unveiled before your eyes.


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